Materials Highlights

Materials Highlights

Hand tufted rugs - High Low

We recently relaunched our Hand Tufted Rugs in 100% Tex wool, which is comprised of only the longest and finest fibers of New Zealand wool (think of it as New Zealand wool yarn’s greatest hits). Due to its fineness Tex yarn takes color with more vibrancy and sheds much less than other wool hand tufted rugs. Until this point we have used 100% Indian wool, which has shorter, thicker fibers than Tex wool. We have absorbed as much of the price increase as possible for a superior product with minimal shedding.

Hemp Rugs:

Hemp is an ecologically friendly plant that requires little water and no pesticides to grow. It is also renewable and biodegradable as well as naturally antimicrobial. And very durable. In short, hemp is the perfect fiber for the future we are embracing.

100% GOTC certified organic cotton

Made with 100% Pre-Consumer cotton blended with virgin dyed acrylic fiber

OKEO-TEX certified yarn

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